These Terms of Service governs the manner in which Drivers should provide services to riders who use the services of RIDE Caribbean from the website ("Site"). This applies to the Site/App and all services offered by RIDE Caribbean.

  • Drivers must be 21 years old with a minimum three (3) year driving experience to sign up.

  • Drivers must own a valid Private Hire Vehicle licence where applicable..

  • Drivers must go through a required vetting process.

  • Drivers must sign up with a copy of their Driver's License, a recent Police Record and Vehicle Insurance.

  • Drivers must maintain a Mobile Data account with proper coverage.

  • Drivers must own a vehicle with a 3 - 6 rider capacity if using their own vehicle if using their own vehicle .

  • Drivers must own a vehicle with no visible exterior or interior damage if using their own vehicle .

  • Drivers must own a vehicle with a reliable Engine, Air Condition and roadworthy Tires if using their own vehicle .

  • Drivers must have their vehicles inspected and/or serviced every three (3) months if using their own vehicle.

  • Drivers must own a vehicle properly insured and covered for Rider liabilities if using their own vehicle. 

  • Drivers must be able to offer our in board features if using their own vehicle.

  • Drivers are responsible for all fees associated with the required documents for sign up.

  • Drivers must pay a 25% commission of total fares. 

  • Drivers will be paid by RIDE Caribbean within 7 days.

  • Drivers should never accept cash payments from Riders

  • There is a no refund policy on processing fees for payment transactions between Drivers and Riders.

LIABILITIES and limitationS
  • Drivers can accept but should not solicit tips from Riders.

  • Drivers can ask a Rider to vacate a vehicle if the Driver or other Riders feel threatened.

  • Drivers must report immediately any incidents relating to Driver or Rider services.

  • Drivers should never have in their possession any illegal weapons.

  • Drivers should never encourage or accommodate Riders in any illegal activity.

  • Drivers should never be intoxicated whilst on the job.

  • Drivers should not transport children under the age of 15 unless accompanied by an adult.

  • RIDE Caribbean is not responsible for any Rider damages to Driver vehicles.

  • RIDE Caribbean is not responsible for Driver vehicle insurance and licensing. 

  • RIDE Caribbean is not responsible for Driver lost or stolen items.

  • Drivers will be considered ineligible to drive if they have had a criminal conviction. 

  • Drivers are limited to carrying 1 to 6 riders regardless of seating capacity.

  • Drivers are limited to carrying up to 6 riders for group bookings.

  • Drivers are responsible for the comfort and safety of Riders and themselves.

  • Drivers should always maintain a cashless payment service.

  • Drivers must be licensed under the Tourism Certification program in order to receive Caribbean visitor bookings.

  • Drivers should never smoke whilst on the job.

  • Drivers should never use any illegal substances. 

  • Drivers should always be properly groomed.

  • Drivers should always maintain a clean and good working vehicle.

  • Drivers work on their own time within a 24 hour period.

  • Drivers cannot assign a non-registered Driver to their vehicle.

  • Drivers can assign a Spare Driver for the same vehicle. Spare Driver must be registered.

  • Drivers must adhere to the RIDE Caribbean policies at all times.

  • Drivers account can be suspended or terminated for violation of Driver Policies.